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Gourmet Maki

Alaska Roll - salmon, avocado, cucumber
Albacore Roll - white tuna   
April Roll - tuna, avocado over spicy scallop, crab
A’s Roll - baked snapper over call roll w/ sauce
Baseball Roll - deep fried salmon, crab, cream cheese, spicy mayo, masago, green onion       
California Roll - imitation crab, avocado
Caterpillar Roll - avocado over unagi, cucumber
Charisma Roll - seared albacore over spicy tuna & shrimp
Chef Special spicy Roll - assorted fish over spicy roll
Cherry Blossom - tuna, avocado over salmon, cucumber
Craig Roll - softshell crab, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, crab, lettuce topped with albacore, fish flakes, masago
Crazy Albacore Roll - albacore over albacore & avocado w/ ponzu sauce
Crazy Cucumber Roll - spicy tuna, crab, ebi, avocado
Crazy Hamachi Roll - hamachi over hamachi & avocado w/ ponzu sauce
Crunch California Roll - deep fried, spicy mayo, masago, green onion
Dragon Roll - unagi, avocado over shrimp tempura
Dream Gina Roll - shrimp temp, cream cheese, avo, tuna, masago, spicy mayo, green onion
Dynamite Roll - deep fried,  spicy hamachi, avo
Fireman - spicy tako, avocado, tuna, special sauce, masago        
Football Roll - deep fried spicy tuna, crab, salmon, spicy mayo, green onion, masago 
Garisaba - mackerel, pickled ginger           
Giant Roll - tuna, sake, tai, hamachi, spicy sauce, over softshell crab, spicy tuna, cucumber,           tamago, spicy mayo, green onion, masago
Godzilla Roll - unagi, hamachi, lettuce, avocado, cucumber, crab

Harry Roll - smoked salmon, unagi, bonito flakes over crab, shrimp tempura
HighWay Roll - baked spicy scallop over deep fried spicy tuna roll w/ sauce
House Special Roll - spicy  tuna, eel over crab,crunch avocado
Hollywood Roll - tuna, avocado, cucumber
Kani Roll - snow crab, avocado, cucumber
Kanpai Roll - shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, cucumber, lettuce
Lion King Roll - baked salmon over cal. roll w/ sauce      
Louisiana Roll - avocado over fried oyster, cucumber     
Love Roll - baked scallop over california roll w/ sauce    
Mango Lobster Roll - shrimp tempura, tobiko, lobster salad w/ mango sauce 
Negihama maki - hamachi, green onion
New York Roll - cooked shrimp, cucumber, avocado

Orange Crunch Roll - salmon over crab, cucumber, crunch & ebi w/ spicy sauce
Poki Roll - seaweed salad over spicy tuna roll
Philadelphia Roll - salmon, cucumber, cream cheese      
Rainbow Roll  - 5 assorted fish over california roll           
Rambada Roll - sliced avocado over salmon & tuma w/ spicy sauce     
Red Crunch Roll - tuna over crab, cucumber, crunch & ebi w/ spicy sauce
Rock n’Roll - eel, avocado, cucumber         
Ryan Roll - salmon, w/variety sauce over crab and shrimp tempura
Sakana Roll - tuna, sake, hamachi, ebi, cucumber, masago, green onion with ponzu   
Sake Maki - salmon                          
Salmon Skin Roll - salmon skin, daikon sprout, cucumber, gobo
Scallop Lover Roll - spicy scallop over tuna, salmon, shrimp tempura, crab & cucumber
Sexy Roll - shrimp tempura,  spicy tuna, crab, fish egg, radish, cucumber, kaiware&avocado w/ rice paper         
Smoked Salmon Roll - smoke salmon over cream cheese, cucumber and crab                        
Spicy Crab Crunch Roll                    
Spicy Salmon Roll                             
Spicy Tuna Roll  
Spider Roll - softshell crab, crab, lettuce, cucumber, avocado
Stadium Roll - tuna, softshell crab over spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, masago     
Sumo Roll - tuna, salmon over spicy tuna, crab, scallop, crunch, shrimp tempura & kaiware w/ spicy sauce          
Super California Roll - avocado over california roll          
Super Shrimp Roll - ebi over tempura roll w/ fish egg   
Tekkamaki - tuna                             
Tempura Roll - shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado     
T.N.T Roll - tuna over cucumber spicy tuna with fish egg spicy sauce
TOMO Roll - tuna, crab over, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna          
Una Scallop Roll - spicy scallop over unagi, shrimp tempura, crab & cucumber          
Viper Roll - deep fried spicy tuna roll        
Volcano Roll - spicy tuna & tempura flake over cucumber, crab & shrimp tempura   
Warriors Roll - baked spicy tuna  over california roll      
White Blossom Roll - albacore over tuna, cucumber        
White Crunch Roll - albacore tuna over crab, cucumber, crunch & ebi w/ spicy sauce          
Zesty Roll - salmon, lemon over california roll
49er Roll - scallop, jalapeno over spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, crab, spicy mayo         
3 Amigo Roll - deef fried 3 fish w/ cream cheese, cucumber, lettuce & kaiware with sauce

** Hand Roll is available upon request..