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Edamame - steamed soy bean          
Gyoza - 7pcs - beef pot stickers    
Croquette - 2pcs- deep fried mashed potato    
Agedashi Tofu - deep fried tofu with house special sauce    
GomaAe - steamed spinach with sesame sauce    
Soft-shell crab     
Vegetable Tempura - 6 pcs    
Shrimp Tempura - 5 pcs    
Mixed Tempura - 2 pcs shrimps, 4 pcs vegetable    
Calamari Ring- served with ranch sauce    
Chicken Wing - 5 pcs - served with spicy sauce    
Spicy Salmon Kama- grilled  spicy salmon collar
Hamachi Kama - grilled yellow tail collar
Deep fried Oyster - 6 pcs
Tuna Popper - deep fried jalapeno with spicy tuna & cream cheese
Baked Mussels - 4 pcs    
Sunomono - pickled cucumber in sweet vinegar sauce
Tako Sunomono - sunomono with octopus
Ebi Sunomono - sunomono with cooked shrimp    
Kani Sunomono - sunomono with snow crab    
Albacore Tataki Sashimi - seared albacore, jalapeno, garlic witn ponzu      
Tuna or White Tuna Tataki Salad - seared tuna or w/tuna with organic salad    
Salmon Skin Salad 
Hiyashi Wakame - seaweed salad    
Poki Salad - spicy tuna in seaweed salad
Ahi Poki Salad - Hawaiian style tuna, onion with seaweed salad
Green Salad
Miso Soup 


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