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Tomo Dish

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Japanese curry served w/salad, vege, soy bean & miso soup

Vegetable Curry                   
Chicken Curry - curry with deep fried breaded chicken
Beef Curry - curry with B.B.Q beef             
Shrimp Curry- curry with 3pcs shrimp tempura            

Donburi  served over rice w/miso soup

Katsudon - deep fried pork with egg & steamed vegetable                               
Oyakodon - chicken with egg & steamed vegetable         
Tendon - tempura over rice                       
Bul-Go-Gi - chicken or beef             

Nabemono Udon soup

Wakame Udon - thick noodle w/seaweed, vegetable                   
Nabeyaki Udon- thick noodle w/chicken, egg, vegetable & shrimp tempura
Udon - thick noodle with vegetable                       
Curry Udon - stew               
Tempura Udon  - thick noodle with shrimp & vege tempura                 
Seafood Udon- thick noodle with seafood            

Dishes served w/ rice, salad & miso

Yaki Soba (stir-fried wi vegetable)            
Yaki Soba with Tofu
Yaki Soba with Chicken
Yaki Soba with Beef 
Yaki Soba with Shrimp        
Children’s Plate under 12 years old / Dine - in only

A: Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura & Gyoza  
B: Chicken Katsu, Tempura & Gyoza 
C: Beef Teriyaki, Tempura & Gyoza 

Miso ramen                   Spicy miso ramen